Large and small corporations use the IDI for individual and small team development as well as large-scale organizational assessment.

Case Studies


As a large international retail company, Dollar General used the IDI to make data-informed decisions that helped them work towards fostering an inclusive environment where every employee feels valued, respected, and supported.


Dollar General leaders take the IDI and receive an Individual Debrief with an IDI Qualified Administrator. Through the exploration of their results, leaders develop self-awareness and identify their inclusive leadership development path. By analyzing the collective IDI results, teams are able to identify their strengths and areas for improvement, which in turn guides their ongoing professional growth and organizational achievements.

Qualified Administrators

Around 50 Qualified Administrators in Human Resources and business units facilitate organizational development through Debriefs of IDI data with groups and individuals


As part of their leadership development at Dollar General, about 1,000 director-level staff have taken the IDI and identified their inclusive leadership journey


Leaders of all levels actively engaged with the IDI and focused on their personal growth to identify ways they could contribute to the organization's mission to serve others through embracing differences


Using the IDI helped staff establish shared language within the company to be able to work towards their common goals. 

After engaging with the IDI, Dollar General established and launched the My Difference Makes a Difference campaign to build on the group’s strengths to find ways to celebrate difference. This campaign supported their goal of people bringing their authentic selves to the workplace, where they are respected and supported. 

IDI results have helped Dollar General make data-informed decisions to identify gaps, guide professional development, and work towards inclusively serving others. As a result, Dollar General worked with a consultant to conduct a racial equity audit that further developed their growth strategy to be a “Force for Opportunity” in the community.



"The IDI helped me personally on my own journey to be a more inclusive leader, so I knew it could do the same for the organization"

Other Case Studies

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Educational Institutions

The IDI is widely used in universities, colleges, and school districts with faculty, staff, and students for a variety of programs including faculty and staff development; student assessment and development; and study abroad and other programming.

Non-Profit Organizations

A variety of non-profit organizations use the IDI for individual and small team development to improve intercultural competency.


The IDI is used in all levels of government agencies to help individuals and groups achieve their intercultural competency goals.