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Chris Durkin is a seasoned program manager and community liaison who enjoys every moment of helping students thrive both in and outside the classroom. Driven to help EVERY child reach their unique version of success, Chris brings an extensive background supporting the educational, mental health, project leadership, and recreational spaces. Today, Chris is passionate about pushing extracurricular initiatives forward, and ultimately doing so while creating high potential environments that eventually become a baseline for growth within personal and professional lives. Originally from Northwest Indiana with roots in Wisconsin, Chris's career path was shaped by his work as a resident assistant and Elderhostel Intern at Southwestern Community Oregon College. Recognizing the importance of intervening earlier in students' lives, Chris began working as an Upward Bound Program Assistant Director before shifting his focus to younger students in the Library Youth Services Department. Today, Chris serves as the Program Manager for the grant-funded SEED Project and is known for leading with the highest standards of encouragement and professional integrity. But more notably, Chris is respected for empowering kids to think outside the box, and for proving that no matter where the starting line is, every one of them has the ability to exceed their own expectations. Academically, Chris earned his BA in History from Ball State University located in Muncie, Indiana, and attained his MS in Education with a concentration on Student Affairs Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse. Also a lifelong learner, Chris continuously keeps a pulse on new opportunities to create out-of-class educational experiences that are engaging, enjoyable, and accessible. Overall, Chris understands that building healthy futures starts by instilling meaningful impacts today. Even more, recognizes that the most transformative outcomes are the ones that stem from compassionate, committed, and shared-value relationships. Outside of work, you can usually find Chris gardening in his backyard, going on hikes, enjoying tabletop role playing games, and above all, spending time with friends and family.

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