Trystan Reese

CEO at Collaborate Consulting


Trystan Reese (he/him) is a Portland-based Qualified Administrator for the IDI. As a white transgender man, he is a professionally trained anti-racism facilitator and curriculum designer, studying under Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington at the Social Justice Training Institute. Trystan has also been organizing with the trans community for nearly two decades and has been on the frontlines of this generation’s biggest fights for LGBTQ justice. Trystan has been a Qualified Administrator since 2020 and has been working with the IDI since 2009. He has had the privilege of working with therapists, anti-racist engineers, housing activists, business school faculty, LGBTQ+ researchers, cancer scientists, outdoor educators, public interest lawyers, and more. In addition to his one-on-one and team IDI sessions, he offers follow-up coaching to support the continued implementation of IDI results, deepening the impact of the IDI on professionals’ growth around intercultural development. Trystan is married to his partner Biff and has three kids: Riley, Sully, and Leo. They are very happy.
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