Kaila Alvarez

CEO of KA Consulting - a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consulting Agency at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett/Pacific Campus (Everett, WA)


Behind Kaila's life work is a passion to lead and pioneer new paths of possibilities for organizations, businesses, and individuals to embody creative and effective systems that ultimately produce a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable world. This is what she calls, “ embarking on the discovery of a creative third option;” where we build cutting edge systems for profitable and successful businesses, while never compromising on our ethics to love, serve, and value people in a way that is just and equitable. With over 12 years of hands on experience in organizational leadership, public speaking, and systems development, Kaila has learned to hone into her gifts in a way that supports a mission to give autonomy to underrepresented communities all over the world. With a dream to, ultimately build a society where everyone is seen, heard, and loved. Her work includes over a decades worth of building female leaders to drive change, leadings diversity acquisition, creating curriculum and material to close the systematic gaps that marginalize women, and also contributing to a reconciliation program that teaches organizations how to enter into D&I strategy development. However, what precedes her work more than anything, is her reputation within the Seattle community. Kaila has been a long standing advocate for many different people within Seattle’s pervasively diverse communities. She has fought for empowering teen mothers, ending human trafficking, seeing the People of Color community represented within local universities, and much more. For Kaila, this work is more than a passion, it is a part of who she is. Results Driven/ Problem Solving/ Innovative & Creative/ Building & Leadings Teams/ Leadership Development/ Diversity Equity and Inclusion Culture/ Public Speaking/ Advocate
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