Tevin Medley (he/him)

Partner at The Athena Group


Tevin is driven by a passion for people. This passion was magnified while doing social research in Australia and Germany. He provides consulting on complex DEI concepts, supports strategic planning with an equity lens, leads organizational culture workshops and understands that we are all on a continuous journey toward a better tomorrow. In his interaction with large multinational and small local organizations, he feels a duty to ask tough questions that lead to a more equitable global community. Tevin holds a bachelor's degree in African American Studies from Arizona State University and a master's in policy and Applied Social Research from Macquarie University in New South Wales, Australia. Currently, Tevin supports multiple organizations in Washington, California, and Oregon. He is able to navigate sensitive topics on organizational culture with grace and understands how to be an agile facilitator in group settings where emotions and passion are high. His lived experience, professional background, education, and ability to translate needs into appropriate action inspires the people he works with and permeates every project he undertakes.
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