Jessica M Oladapo

Professor, Coach, Trainer at Diversity 2 Inclusion, Inc.


Jessica M. Oladapo is a Social Scientist and Mental Health Professional by trade with education and formal training in Sociology and Social and Counseling Psychology. She began her career as a Social Worker in 2005, but soon transitioned to teaching in higher education in 2009. Ms. Oladapo teaches courses in both Sociology and Psychology, emphasizing Belonging, Social Justice, & Restorative Justice Practices. In 2015, after being convinced to conduct a diversity training for both a local police department as well as the school district of the same town, she began her small business, Diversity to Inclusion, Inc. (D2I, Inc.). Since that time, D21, Inc, under the leadership of Ms. Oladapo, has trained global corporations, school districts, religious organizations, regional banks, institutions of higher education, and more. D2I, Inc. has also expanded to include the development of racial equity teams for organizations and educational entities, as well as assessments and individual equity coaching and facilitation services. The overall goal of D21, Inc. is to encourage all to seek liberation through engaging in equity and justice filled conversation, critical thought, and advocacy and allyship. The mission of the organization is to move beyond diversity to seek inclusion, and move beyond equality to seek justice. This movement is possible through deliberate and constant critical thought and self analysis that keeps the focus on intersectional approaches to equity and justice. Ms. Oladapo is also a Professional Counselor, who works with clients on issues related to work/life balance as well as marginalized/minoritized identities and the impact that may have on our mental health. More specifically, she assists clients in unpacking the impact of structural factors on lived experiences and mental health. Her therapeutic approach encourages mindful living and belonging.
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