Janet Miller Evans

Founder/CEO at Entevos LLC


Janet is known for establishing rapid rapport, building trust, and equanimity. She understands the importance of integrating best practices in leadership, team development, and diversity into the fabric of the organizational culture for transformative and sustainable success. Her career began in the government utility industry and progressed through Fortune 100 companies in the healthcare, logistics, IT, internet, and telecommunications sectors. She held senior leadership roles in TVA, FedEx, IBM, UPS, and Comcast, including leading global sales, marketing, and delivery project teams, managing P&Ls and teams of 150+ people, and exceeding multi-million-dollar revenue goals. Janet developed sustainable client relationships throughout her career and consistently delivered on key performance indices. She was the first African-American female field sales manager at FedEx. While at IBM, she facilitated training courses in Brazil and Argentina and participated in the Executive Leadership Council. Janet now coaches across domestic and international financial services, technology, health care, legal, pharmaceutical, and education sectors. She shares knowledge gained from her diverse business, professional, and personal experiences to guide her clients in re-imagining their current thinking, increasing their authenticity, and achieving peak performance.
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