I am a compassionate, open-minded, and nonjudgmental Licensed Resident Counselor who is curious about my clients and their unique emotional, cultural, and social experiences. My nature as a therapist is empathic, nurturing, inquisitive, and creative. I appreciate the qualities that make someone unique and facilitate a healing space to help clients gain more self-awareness, develop more mindfulness skills, and explore their strengths, goals, and challenges. As a relational therapist, I believe the connection formed within a safe relationship has the power facilitate personal growth. In conjunction with being a therapist, I am also passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion. My graduate program at George Mason University was focused on implementing a counseling perspective that not only provided a foundation in basic counseling skills, but also focused heavily on social justice, multiculturalism, internationalism, advocacy, and leadership. My training emphasized that a global perspective on development across the life span, and an understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice, are integral to the role of a therapist. When I am not serving my clients in my therapist role, I have the privilege of working as a Qualified Administrator of the IDI assessment at a global company. In this role, I debrief the IDI assessment results to company leaders, managers, and employees. I conduct one-on-one sessions with employees and leaders, engage in intentional dialogue centered around unconscious biases, create DEI inclusion goals, and address barriers to full inclusion that may exist within teams. Additionally at this company, I serve as a board member of a business resource group that propels Black Excellence and aims to create space for professional development, community outreach, and career advancement while encouraging authenticity of Black employees within the company and community. Diversity, equity, and inclusion work are essential to both my personal and therapist identity. My goal is to combine my therapist and IDI debriefing skills with professional organizations and clients seeking to gain more cultural awareness and grow professionally and personally.