Jordan A. Jones

DEI Consultant




Jordan amplifies the truths of those whose voices are silenced and whose well-being is disregarded; he is known as a “truth-teller”. He believes that everyone has inherent dignity and worth and deserves every opportunity to thrive. His work is centered on breaking the barriers of marginalization in every facet and category of life through education and community building with a “love first” framework. This passion first revealed itself in his work with students. Jordan has spent over a decade mentoring, teaching, partnering with, and advocating for students and their families. He has worked with various schools, community organizations and religious institutions through public speaking, training and producing mentors, equipping the students with life skills and connecting them and their families to resources to aid in their goals and well-being. In his current position in education via a nonprofit, Jordan provides multiple tiers of support and enrichment for the school, students, and families including Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) groups, meeting basic needs, scholastic guidance, restorative justice supports, and mentorship aimed to ensure equity and inclusion. He enjoys reading, creating music, cooking with his two children, and eating Southern and Korean cuisine. Through the experiences of being a bi-racial man and a military brat, he has learned how to be versatile amidst cultures of varying degrees of diversity. This has provided an inroad, in many cases, for Jordan to bypass walls of insecurity, apprehension, and at times hostility to create opportunities for substantial and sustainable change in persons, cultures, or organizations. Jordan has taken to heart the words of James Baldwin when he said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed without being faced.”. He understands the difficulty and fear a person, family or organization might face as they inwardly reflect and earnestly address their own role in either cultivating or hindering justice, equity, and the well-being of those oppressed and marginalized. Yet he believes this work to be invaluable and he desires to face it alongside you.