Christina Burrows

Co-Owner/Intercultural Coach


Jigsaw Coaching


Born in England to a Korean mom and British dad, I studied French and German at Manchester University, which included studies in Bad Gandersheim, Germany, and Marseille, France. I started my career as a French and German high school teacher. I completed a Master of Divinity in Vancouver, BC, and then worked with a faith-based global non-profit in Montpellier, France. Since 2011 I have lived in California, primarily working in learning and development for a faith-based global non-profit that provided holistic community transformation. I'm an adjunct faculty member at a theological seminary, teaching Intercultural Development and Intercultural Spirituality, as well as courses on spiritual formation. My husband and I launched Jigsaw Coaching in 2022, focusing on intercultural coaching and cohort learning journeys for individuals and groups. I work with the IDI and also the KnowledgeWorkx Intercultural Agility assessments (Three Colors of Worldview and Cultural Mapping Inventory). I'd be happy to connect or work with other QA's on your projects!