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Jessica is an advocate and facilitator for culturally responsive learning for adults, children, and families. She has over a decade of experience in partnering with educational nonprofit and for-profit educational organizations, including: Duke University's Talent Identification Program, Digi-Bridge Inc, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, International School Services (ISS) and Council of International Schools (CIS). In her current role, Jessica acts as the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Specialist for a large, private international school in Southeast Asia, she develops and leads cross-divisional professional development for educators and school leaders. She brings a comprehensive range of expertise to her DEI consulting practice, including: - Leveraging the IDI to support school stakeholders in reflecting and developing an actionable Intercultural Development Plan (IDP) to raise their intercultural competencies and better engage with learners, families, and their communities. - Guiding mid-level school leaders, educators, and family advocates through DEIJ cultural transformations and facilitating courageous and psychologically safe conversation protocols. - Cognitive Coaching Model for school leaders and educators
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