Micah Murray

Certified Professional Diversity Coach & DEI Consultant at In Focus Coaching And Consulting


Micah is a Certified Professional Diversity Coach and Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultant. His approach stems from his beliefs that we should be met where we are on our journey without shame or judgment and we achieve the most meaningful results when we are intentional about where we place our focus. He utilizes his expertise in DEI, coaching, training, L&D, and people & program management to help organizations create tailored solutions to challenges related to DEI, team dynamics, systemic breakdown, leadership development, and strategic planning. As a professional coach, he practices transformative coaching by partnering with individuals along their personal and career journeys to help them experience long-term fulfillment by aligning their lives with their purpose. Drawing from his own life experiences, Micah is specifically passionate about partnering with athletes to find their identity and purpose outside of their sport and working with fathers to explore their purpose and how it pertains to their role as a father. Whether advocating for marginalized voices in the workplace, obtaining meaningful results that meet the business needs of an organization, or helping individuals live out their purpose and experience lasting fulfillment, he is passionate about using his talents to motivate and encourage others to live the life they feel called to live while leaving the meaningful impact they strive to have.
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