Keisha Grey

President/CEO at Grey and Associates


Dr. Keisha Grey is a certified IDI Qualified Administrator with extensive qualifications and an outstanding track record in the field. Holding a doctorate and numerous professional certifications, she specializes in leveraging IDI Assessments to foster intercultural competence and growth. As the President/CEO of Grey and Associates, she has successfully designed and implemented programs such as the LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AND ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM (L.E.A.P), demonstrating her commitment to individual and organizational development. Qualifications: IDI Certification: Extensive training and experience as an IDI Qualified Administrator. Leadership Development: Proven expertise in developing leaders through customized training and executive coaching. Strategic Planning: Skilled in helping organizations align their goals with diversity, equity, and inclusion practices. Data Analysis and Evaluation: Adept at using data-driven insights to guide decision-making and program effectiveness. Community Engagement: Actively engaged in community initiatives and experienced in authentic community engagement methodologies. Services Available: Group Debriefs, Individual Debriefs, Group Coaching, 1-on-1 Coaching, Program Evaluation, Organizational Consulting, Workshops, Training Development. Availability: Dr. Grey is available to work with both individuals and organizations, ensuring tailored solutions that align with unique needs and objectives. Her hands-on approach, rooted in actionable strategies, fosters collaboration, inclusivity, and transformation.
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