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Mary Martin is an accomplished senior leader with an impressive record spanning two decades in various leadership roles. With a passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Mary has been instrumental in driving positive change within organizations addressing systemic issues both internally and externally. As a Director at Pacific Blue Cross, Mary continues to leave a profound impact on the organization by championing DEI initiatives. Her compassion and commitment to addressing both health equity and fostering an inclusive workplace have resulted in not only a strong culture at PBC but recognition by the Insurance Business Canada with their 5-Start Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award and achieving Employer of Choice from Indigenous Works. In addition to her corporate endeavors, Mary shares her knowledge and experience as an educator serving as an instructor at Langara College where she teaches courses on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. Through her teaching, she empowers the next generation of leaders to embrace diversity and promote a more inclusive world. Mary's dedication to advancing DEI is further evidenced by her professional certifications and qualifications. She holds the title of a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional, underscoring her expertise in creating inclusive environments. As a qualified Intercultural Dimensions Inventory Administrator, she adeptly navigates cultural complexities and fosters cross-cultural understanding. Continuously striving for personal and professional growth, Mary is currently in the process of completing her Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Certificate at UBC (University of British Columbia). This pursuit of further education highlights her commitment to staying at the forefront of DEI best practices. Recognized for her remarkable contributions to the community, Mary Martin serves on the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council. In this capacity, she collaborates with other influential leaders to shape policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion across various sectors.
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