Issac M. Carter

Founder and CEO at Coaching Imperative


Issac M. Carter, Ph.D., is an Executive Coach, Holistic Educator, Human Capacity Builder, Leadership and Organizational Consultant, Cultural Strategist, and Musician. He is a certified Emotional and Cultural Intelligence Assessor, Practitioner, Facilitator, and Intercultural Competence Qualified Administrator that helps individuals and institutions increase their awareness of emotions and culture to foster well-being, belonging, productivity and organizational vitality. Dr. Carter has steered change management in business, non-profit, and higher education sectors for over two decades. His work is highly collaborative, and features principles of design thinking, emergent strategies, and systems change. Issac believes how we view and react to our societal differences impacts our ability to build sustainable organizations and communities that embrace our shared humanity. Issac regularly contributes to thought leadership that seeks to go beyond the status quo to offer perspectives and practices that help people deepen their understanding of themselves and others, create clear and powerful intentions, make more insightful and impactful decisions, and cultivate the courage to create change. He has taught courses that explore culture, conflict, race, gender, awareness-based leadership, history, music, inter-faith relations, and social change. Dr. Carter earned his doctorate from Florida Atlantic University’s Comparative Cultural Studies Program. He earned his master's degree in Human Service Counseling with a concentration in Management from DePaul University. He studied at Elmhurst University as an undergraduate, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a sociology minor. "Emotions and culture drive people, and people drive performance. Coaching Imperative meets our clients where they are and helps them increase their skills, internal capacities, and capability to create change. Our approach is practical, hands-on, and trauma-informed. With over 25 years of experience, our customized, shared learning process builds better relationships and promotes individual and institutional success." - Issac M. Carter
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