Nehrwrodrbote (“Nehrwr”) Reuel

Consultant at Intercultural Development Group, LLC


Since 2002, I've been an IDI Qualified Administrator, privileged to learn directly from Drs. Bennett & Hammer. Their mentorship - particularly that of Dr. Hammer over the last decade - combined with my background and experience, allows me to effectively guide clients in harnessing the transformative power of the IDI and IDI Guided Development practices - unlocking their full potential for success.

I’m also an IDI Qualifying Seminar Instructor. I’ve been an independent consultant focused on building individual and organizational capacity to leverage and maximize diversity as a resource. My unique ability to use experiential learning, authentic dialogue, and self-reflection has benefitted clients across the world. The people I’ve been privileged to have an impact with my work numbers well into the thousands. My client list includes Google, Best Buy, Georgia-Pacific, McKnight Foundation, Macalester College, University of Michigan, and University of Minnesota, New York University - Abu Dhabi, HKS architecture, multiple city governments (Springfield, Missouri and Dubuque, Iowa) and school districts (Grand Rapids, Minnesota, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa) across the country. Over the last 21 years I have worked with clients from nearly every sector of the economy and every level of an organization. I’ve facilitated small leadership teams of 3-5 participants as well as groups numbering in the hundreds. I’ve designed learning interventions for every orientation, provided executive-level coaching post individual debrief, and have been a keynote speaker at multiple conferences.

I joined the faculty of the IDI Qualifying Seminar (QS) in 2013 and have been a part of over 100 public and private QS’s. I’ve designed and delivered advanced skills workshops to QA’s through my on-going partnership with IDI, LLC.

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