Almendra Staffa-Healey

Co Founder & Director


Intercultural Understanding


I am an intercultural competence consultant, trainer, and coach based in Madrid, Spain. I enjoy travel for work and also conduct my business online. I bring 20 years of international experience developing groups operating in new cultural contexts and optimizing their performance in new and unfamiliar environments. I am a thought leader, researcher, and an experiential learning and self-esteem facilitator who designs and delivers transformative trainings for cultural, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), and wellbeing change development grounded in sound theoretical constructs. I am a proven team leader and a proactive change agent, as demonstrated by a track record managing structural organizational changes, of growing business by encouraging continuous learning, and by promoting new ways of doing things. I am also a passionate advocate for learning transfer. And a A driver of needs-based and intrinsic motivation training for executives, academics, employees, and students. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and am globally fluent.