Terrence Harewood, Ph.D.

IDI Qualifying Seminar Instructor


Dr. Harewood is an instructor for the IDI Qualifying Seminar and an IDI Qualified Administrator since 2006. Formerly an Associate Professor of Multicultural Education and Social Foundations at the University of Indianapolis, Terrence recently served as interim Vice President of Learning and Innovation, and recently transitioned to Principal Strategist with The Winters Group. Terrence is co-founder at Synergistic transformations, LLC.  For more than two decades, he has and continues to innovate unique approaches to facilitate organizational intercultural changes. His advanced facilitation skills and expertise consistently exceed clients' expectations, helping them lay the groundwork for the development of increased personal and organizational capacity to engage cultural differences and commonalities effectively.

Dr. Harewood has earned several coveted awards for his skillful coaching and facilitation.  These include the 2018 IDI Intercultural Competence Award and the 2011 Teacher of the Year Award from the University of Indianapolis. Dr. Harewood is also co-author of a recently published book, Racial Justice at Work:  Practical Solutions for Systemic Change where he describes a developmental approach to racial justice by centering the IDI and the Intercultural Development Continuum.


Extensive experience in higher education, organizational change, multicultural education, social foundations


Experienced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) executive coach, trainer, and organizational development strategist

Joined IDI, LLC