Phyllis Braxton, LGSW, MSW, M.Ed.

IDI Qualifying Seminar Instructor


Phyllis is IDI Qualified Administrator and an IDI Qualifying Seminar Instructor. She has over twenty years of IDI and IDC experience. Phyllis is an Amazon bestselling author and world-renowned Miraval Thought Leader, bridging theory and practice in the DEI and self-care space. A former licensed therapist with over 25 years of international touchpoints with tens of thousands of people, Phyllis is known for her programming in trauma-informed diversity, equity, and inclusion training and her signature “edutainment™” style.  

As the CEO and founder of PINK Consulting, LLC, for nearly two decades, Phyllis has conducted assessments and provided intercultural coaching, team building, and organizational development services for over 100 organizations, including Princeton University, Stanford, and the University of Minnesota. She currently resides in North Minneapolis with her husband and daughter. Phyllis brings shine and leaves light wherever she goes.


Masters' degrees in Adult Education, Clinical Social Work, and Leadership for Change; current doctoral student in Leadership and Evidence-based Coaching


Trauma-informed intercultural conflict, intercultural assessments, executive coaching, team building, and organizational change

Joined IDI, LLC