Hamlin Grange

IDI Qualifying Seminar Instructor


Hamlin is an IDI Qualified Administrator and an IDI Qualifying Seminar Instructor. He is a diversity and inclusion strategist and President and Co-Founder of DiversiPro Inc., a workplace diversity and anti-racism training, coaching, and consulting company based in Toronto. Hamlin is a sought-after keynote speaker and has served on a number of boards and agencies. He is a former Member of the Consent and Capacity Board, an independent tribunal whose mission is the fair and accessible adjudication of consent and capacity issues, balancing the rights of vulnerable individuals with public safety. Hamlin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the University of Colorado, with minor studies in African American Studies and Research Methodologies.

Before starting a career as a diversity and inclusion consultant, Hamlin had an outstanding career as a journalist. His passion for equity in media led him to establish Innoversity and the Innoversity Creative Summit, which for more than a decade brought together creators and producers from diverse backgrounds with key decision makers in the Canadian media to share ideas and showcase the vast array of talent available to Canada’s mainstream broadcasters. He was appointed to the Order of Canada, that country’s highest civilian honour, for his work in diversity, inclusion and social justice.


Journalism, diversity and inclusion strategist


Diversity and anti-racism training, coaching, and consulting

Joined IDI, LLC